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How do I turn on 2FA?

What is 2FA

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a method to make your account even more secure. This is done in conjunction with the mobile app 'Google Authenticator', which upon turning on the 2FA allows the you to have another wall of protection for your account. It does this by requiring you to enter in a six-digit code before signing into your account. This code can only be found on the Google Authenticator app located on your mobile device. This six digit code refreshes every 30 seconds ensuring the security of your account.

How do I turn on 2FA?

To begin press the icon pictured below, which is located at the top right of the Coinstash Website, then press the settings icon

This will then take you to the settings page where you will see a security subsection as shown below. To turn on 2FA press the icon shown by the arrow

From here, you will need to download the free Google Authenticator app on your phone. Once downloaded, open the app and scan the QR code displayed on the Coinstash page using the app's camera. This will generate a six-digit code on the app. Enter this code into the 'Step 3' field on the Coinstash website. Note that the code will refresh every 30 seconds, generating a new code. Additionally, don't forget to request a code via email to input it into the first box. After getting these 2 codes, click "Activate Two Factor Authentication"

The button used to turn on the 2FA will now be shown as "Turn 2FA Off" to show that the 2FA feature is now active

Now when you go to sign in, after typing in your email address and password, you will also be required to enter the six-digit code shown on the Google authentication app. You or anyone else will be unable to sign in without this code.

If you wish to turn this feature off, repeat the first two steps to get to the settings page. Then press the purple icon to turn off the feature. This will then turn back to "Turn 2FA On" icon which indicates that the 2FA is no longer activated. You will be asked to enter the 6 digit code from the google authenticator to proceed with the deactivation.

Updated on: 10/08/2023

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