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How to Send Crypto from Swyftx to Coinstash?

How to Send Crypto from Swyftx to Coinstash?

Transferring cryptocurrencies from Swyftx to Coinstash is a straightforward process that allows you to manage your digital assets across different platforms. This guide will walk you through the steps to safely send your cryptocurrencies from your Swyftx account to your Coinstash wallet.

Log in to your Coinstash account and head over to “Deposit Crypto” to find the receiving address for the specific cryptocurrency.

Navigate to the "Wallets'' or "Assets'' section on the Swyftx platform. Find the cryptocurrency you want to transfer and click on its corresponding "Withdraw" or "Send" button.

On the withdrawal form, you'll need to enter the recipient address (your Coinstash wallet address) for the cryptocurrency you wish to send.

Once you have copied the withdrawal address from your Coinstash account, click the plus button within the withdrawal section of your Swyftx account.Before proceeding with the transfer, carefully verify the Coinstash wallet address you've entered to ensure it's accurate and matches the correct cryptocurrency.

Add a name for your Coinstash wallet, paste in the wallet address and then click “ADD.”

Note: When you add a new withdrawal address to your Swyftx account, Swyftx will send you a verification SMS and email. This security measure is implemented to ensure the legitimacy of withdrawal addresses.

When performing a crypto transfer from one wallet to another, you will typically have multiple networks to choose from for the transaction. Beginners may sometimes make the error of selecting a network that is not supported by the receiving wallet. As a consequence, the crypto may not reach the intended receiving wallet at all.

After selecting the amount of crypto and the blockchain network, Swyftx will display a withdrawal summary, including blockchain fees based on the crypto and network congestion.

For security, you'll need to complete 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) via mobile and email. Swyftx will send an SMS to your mobile device to confirm the transaction's completion.

Once the transfer is confirmed on the blockchain, your Coinstash account will automatically be updated with the ETH balance.

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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