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How to use PAYID

Deposit instantly with PAYID

PAYID is a convenient and user-friendly way to send and receive payments using a unique identifier linked to your account. Coinstash has integrated PAYID to simplify cryptocurrency transactions. This guide will walk you through the steps to use PAYID in Coinstash for seamless transactions.

Firstly, you will need to log into your Coinstash account and click on the "Deposit AUD" icon form the dashboard:

Next, select the "PAYID" tab.

Here you will find your PAYID details:

Please note that this is just an example, please log into your Coinstash account to find your PAYID and Reference details.

You will need to log into your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App

Most banks will have a similar structure:

Step 1: Log into your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App
Step 2: Select the option to make a payment and choose "Pay anyone"
Step 3: Add a new payee
Step 4: Choose the option to pay someone with an e-mail address
Step 5: Fill in the e-mail details that you obtained from the "OSKO/PAYID" tab in your Coinstash account
Step 6: Enter your Reference Number obtained from your Coinstash account
Step 7: Complete the payment and send us a screenshot.

Some important things to note:

You can instantly deposit using PayID/Osko from almost any Australian bank account. Please note we only accept a payment from a bank account under your own name. First payments can take 24 hours to clear depending on your bank, but future payments usually clear within 20 minutes or instantly.
There are no deposit fees for PayID/Osko or any deposits into Coinstash.
If asked by your financial institution regarding the type of PayID, choose the option 'email address'.

Each bank's OSKO/PAYID process may differ slightly, please see below for examples explaining the step-by step process for a few of the major banks:

PAYID Commonwealth Bank
PAYID St George Mobile Banking App
PAYID Westpac App

Updated on: 13/08/2023

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