Instant PAYID Deposits via NAB Mobile App

Please ensure the name on your bank account matches the name registered to your Coinstash account. Third party deposits (depositing from a bank account that has a different name) will flag your account for review.

Please have your Unique Coinstash PAYID Email Address ready

Please also note that we have changed our PayID method to no longer require a description. Each account now has their own unique email address

Finding your unique email address

Open up Coinstash and find your unique Coinstash PAYID Email Address for your bank transfer by clicking on 'QUICK DEPOSIT' or 'Deposit AUD:

Click the button

copy your unique email address

Please note this is a sample email address - each member will have their own unique email

NAB Mobile Banking App

Step 1: In 'Transfer & Pay', tap the 'Pay anyone' icon:

Step 2: Tap the '+ Mobile/PayID' icon, select 'Email address' as PAYID TYPE:

Step 3: Copy your unique Coinstash PAYID Email Address into your bank:

Step 4: Enter the AUD amount you are transferring, and then click 'Next':

Step 5: When the PAYID payment is complete, your Coinstash balance updates in real time! Please wait for a few seconds and your AUD balance will appear.
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