Instant PAYID Deposits via NAB Mobile App

Please have your Coinstash PAYID Email Address and your unique Description ready

NAB Mobile Banking App

Step 1: In 'Transfer & Pay', tap the 'Pay anyone' icon:

Step 2: Tap the '+ Mobile/PayID' icon, select 'Email address' as PAYID TYPE:

Step 3: Enter the Coinstash PAYID Email Address you got from your Coinstash account and click 'Continue':

Step 4: Enter the AUD amount you are transferring, and the Description you got from your Coinstash account in both the 'Reference' and 'Description' box, and then click 'Next':

Step 5: When the PAYID payment is complete, your Coinstash balance updates in real time! Please wait for a few seconds and your AUD balance will appear.
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