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Why is my AUD deposit taking so long?

At Coinstash, we understand the importance of timely transactions, especially when it comes to depositing AUD funds into your account. This guide is designed to address concerns about delays in AUD deposits and provide you with valuable insights into the process. We'll also cover the specific case of PayID payments, including the initial delay and subsequent payments.

Understanding AUD Deposit Delays

Bank Processing Times
One common reason for delays in AUD deposits is the processing time of your bank. Banks typically verify and clear transactions before they're reflected in your Coinstash account, ensuring the security and authenticity of your funds.

Weekends and Public Holidays
Deposits made on weekends or during public holidays might experience delays due to reduced banking hours or non-operational days. Transactions initiated during these times may not be processed until the next business day.

Payment Method
Different payment methods might have varying processing times. For instance, bank transfers could take longer compared to instant payment methods like PayID.

Verification Procedures
Coinstash might conduct additional verification checks to ensure secure transactions. These checks, while necessary, might lead to minor delays to prevent fraudulent activities.

Contacting Support
If your AUD deposit delay continues to persist and you're concerned about the status, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. They can provide you with specific insights into your deposit and assist in resolving any issues.

Understanding PayID Delays:

First PayID Payment:
For PayID payments, the initial transaction might take up to 24 hours to clear. This initial delay is part of the verification process to ensure the legitimacy of your payment.

Subsequent Payments:
The positive news is that once your initial PayID payment is successfully verified, future PayID payments should clear instantly, providing you with a more seamless experience.

Updated on: 13/08/2023

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