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How to list your Coin / Token on Coinstash (Coin listing)?

How to list your Coin / Token on Coinstash?

Coin listing process

Step 1: Initial consultation:

Book a 30-minute consultation with our Strategic Partnership Manager to discuss listing a project on Coinstash. Follow this link to book your initial consultation.

Step 2: How to apply to have your project listed on Coinstash?

After an initial consultation, we will send you an NDA agreement (so that details about your project are kept safe) and an application form. If you have multiple projects you are looking to list you will need to fill out the application for each one.

Ensure that you include all the information you wish to communicate in the application. This will help speed up the review process while we do our due diligence. Coinstash also requires the application to be filled out by the project founder or CEO, this is because we will need to directly contact a key member of the team if an issue or question was to arise during the evaluation process.

Step 3: Who will contact you after applying?

A member of the Coinstash team will contact you to let you know the outcome of your application. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for your application to be evaluated. Please be responsive and professional when responding to any questions or queries we might have post-evaluation, this is to ensure that we can move swiftly when listing your project.

Things to consider when applying:

Is there a listing fee?

We charge a fully refundable listing fee for any projects looking to list on our platform. The listing fee is typically between A$20,000 - $50,000 depending on our assessment of your project, with some of the cost going to marketing expenses. The listing fee is refundable by $20 for every active user from your community that trades with Coinstash during the first 12 months after listing. Example: If you have 1000 active users sign up, deposit trade in the first 12 months of listing on Coinstash you will receive $10,000 AUD back at the end of those 12 months. Active users means those that have deposited and traded on the Coinstash platform at least once.

Does your coin or token have sufficient liquidity? To get listed on any exchange your project is going to need liquidity. If your project does not already/is unable to have a liquidity pool through a DeFi platform (e.g Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap) you may need to partner with a Market Maker to be able to supply sufficient liquidity to list on Coinstash. Any questions about this can be discussed and answered in the 30min phone consultation.

Coinstash conducts significant due diligence on projects, to ensure that their security is at a high standard.

What is the coin/token use case? Is your project working towards something bigger? A project that has been developed to solve a pain point in the world will have a better chance of listing approved by the listing team.

Avoid Scammers:
At every stage of the listing process, please do your due diligence to avoid scams pretending to be part of the Coinstash team.
Always ensure the URL is
Never discuss or send funds to anyone outside of the Coinstash team. We will never direct message you first on social media. Please ensure emails from Coinstash are from or

If you received any suspicious or unsolicited messages, please contact [email protected] to verify the authenticity of the message.

Updated on: 10/02/2023

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