How do I export my transaction history?

You can export your transaction history to a .csv file. This may be handy for tax time, or if you simply want a record of your transactions on the platform.

To export your transaction history as a .csv file, follow the two steps below.

For steps on how to upload your transaction history to CryptoTaxCalculator, click here

Step 1:

For your Trading history: Go to your dash at

For your Savings history: Go to your Earn dash at

Step 2

Scroll down to your transactions table and click on the "CSV" icon. Your .csv file will automatically download to your browser's default directory.

Click on the CSV icon

Understanding your transaction history .csv

Your transaction history .csv contains a number of data fields.

Transaction ID - This is the unique transaction identification number in our system. Each Order in the system may have more than one transaction.
Account ID - This is your account identification number in our system. Your trading and savings accounts have different account IDs.
Transacted on - The time and date of the transaction in UTC time.
Category - This is whether the transaction was a Trade, Deposit/Withdrawal, Send/Receive, Transfer (i.e. transfer between Trading and Saving account), Award, Trade Free, Redemption, or an Admin Adjustment.
Type - Whether the transaction is a Debit (decrease) or a Credit (increase)
Order ID - Some transactions are part of an order (if applicable). For example, buying Bitcoin is considered one order which has three transactions - Debit AUD, Debit Trade Fee, Credit BTC
Order Type - Whether the transaction is part of a Buy or Sell Order
Symbol - The currency
Amount - The amount
Description - Additional description (if applicable)
Award Category - The type of award
Network Fee (if applicable) - The fee charged (if any) on crypto withdrawals (inclusive of any applicable taxes)
Quote Buy Price (if applicable) - The Coinstash Buy Price at the time of the transaction
Quote Sell Price (if applicable) - The Coinstash Sell Price at the time of the transaction

Data fields in your .csv export
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