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How do I trade a coin with the Coinstash DeFi Connector?

The Coinstash DeFi Connector is an extension of our usual Buy / Sell / Swap function.

Desktop Platform

Select ‘Buy / Sell / Swap’ on the Header
Select/Search for the asset you wish to trade and click on Buy / Sell

DeFi coins will have the blue ‘DeFi’ tag to indicate we purchasing the coin on-chain and will appear under “Expanded Results” (in this example, let’s buy some LDO)

You can also toggle on/off whether you want DeFi Coins to appear on your trade screen

Enter the amount you wish to trade (You can also click on ‘Spend All’ or our quick $ buttons)
Click Buy (or Sell)
Review your order and confirm your Buy (or Sell)

Note: For DeFi coins, Coinstash places your order on the blockchain, so it might take some time to process, depending on the network load. You can check your transaction history for status updates (even check the transaction on the blockchain!)

You will receive an on-screen & email notification once your trade is complete.

Need Help?

If you have any further questions, get in touch with us via live chat, we're always happy to help!

Updated on: 14/10/2022

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