Sell Coin

To sell Bitcoin, select the “SELL” option. The following should appear:

Just like buying Bitcoin, there are two choices when it comes to selling Bitcoin, to sell BTC amount or the AUD amount of BTC (3).

The first choice is displayed by default and says the white words “Amount in BTC”. This means that you want to sell Bitcoin based on the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell. The value in Australian Dollars is shown underneath it.

To sell BTC based on the amount of AUD you want to receive, tap The second choice requires you to tap the white words “Switch to AUD”. The amount of Bitcoin is shown underneath it.

Tap on the blue box and type in the amount of AUD you would like to receive by selling Bitcoin. In this example, we are selling $10.00 AUD worth of Bitcoin.

Tap on the blue “Sell Bitcoin” button to complete the sell trade. You should see a green pop up down the bottom of your screen notifying you of your successful transaction.
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