Coinstash Lunar New Year Promotion 2024

Coinstash Lunar New Year Promotion (2024)


TWMT Pty Ltd t/as Coinstash AU (Coinstash) (A.B.N. 76 621 581 584) of C/- MGISQ, Level 1, 200 Mary Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000


Task 1 - Deposit & Trade

For a limited time only, eligible customers who deposit and trade with their Coinstash account during the Promotional Period may earn 0% trading fee rewards outlined below:

Net Deposit (AUD)Trading Volume (AUD)No. 0% Fee Days
≥ $1,0003
≥ $5,000$5,0008
≥ $10,000$10,00018
≥ $50,000$50,00038
≥ $100,000$100,00088

Bonus Task 2 - HODL

At the end of the campaign period, Coinstash will take a snapshot of the account balances of all participants. If user balances meet certain thresholds, they'll receive additional benefits:

≥ $100,000 AUD: Get upgraded to Platinum membership and enjoy 60% off trading fees for an additional 30 days.
≥ $250,000 AUD: Get upgraded to Diamond membership and enjoy 75% off trading fees for an additional 30 days.
≥ $500,000 AUD: Get upgraded to Black membership and enjoy 85% off trading fees for an additional 30 days.

Promotional Period

The promotion period begins on 13:00 AEST on 9 February 2024 and ends at 23:59 AEST on 25 February 2023, or until such time Coinstash amends, suspends, or terminates the Promotion. Coinstash reserves the right to amend, withhold, or cancel any Promotion rewards if Coinstash becomes aware of any violation of the Promotional Terms and Conditions or the Terms of Use.

Eligible Users

Participation is limited to persons who are, insofar as is the case for the duration of the Promotional Period:

aged 18 years of age or over;
a resident of Australia;
hold a Tier 1 verified account with Coinstash;
not excluded from the Coinstash Platform;
not a director, officer, manager or employee of any of Coinstash or the Coinstash's group of companies; and
not immediate family members (including, siblings, parents, grandparents and children) of the persons listed above.

For the avoidance of doubt, Invalid Entrants cannot win the reward(s).


Task 1 - Deposit & Trade

To participate in this promotion, Eligible Entrants must, during the Promotional Period, complete one or more of the following actions:

Deposit: Deposit $1,000 (AUD) or more into their Coinstash account using the reference ‘LUNAR’ in their deposit description.

Deposit & Trade: To earn additional days of 0% trading fee rewards, participants must reach the specified trading volume tiers as follows:

Deposit and trade at least AUD $5,000 to unlock 8 days of 0% fees.
Deposit and trade at least AUD $10,000 to unlock 18 days of 0% fees.
Deposit and trade at least AUD $50,000 to unlock 38 days of 0% fees.
Deposit and trade at least AUD $100,000 to unlock 88 days of 0% fees.

Example of Eligible Deposit & Trades

Example 1 - Alex decides to participate in the Coinstash's Lunar New Year promotion. Alex follows these steps:

Alex signs up for an account and gets verified on 10 February.
Alex deposits AUD $5,000 into the account, using the specified 'LUNAR' reference code on 11 February.
With the deposit, Alex trades various cryptocurrencies, ensuring the total trading volume also reaches AUD $5,000 by 15 February.
After meeting the deposit and trading requirements, Alex receives 8 days of 0% trading fees as a reward from the day the deposit and trading thresholds are met (15 February).

Bonus Task 2 - HODL

To be eligible for Bonus Task 2 - HODL, it is mandatory for all participants to have participated in Task 1 - Deposit & Trade.


Example 2 - After participating in the first Deposit & Trade task, Alex wants to enter the Bonus HODL task too. Alex follows these steps:

Alex ensures their account balance is greater than $100,000 AUD by the end of the promotional period.
Once the snapshot is taken on 25 February, Alex's account balance is $150,000 AUD.
As a result of having an account balance that meets the specified threshold, Alex is upgraded to Platinum membership and receives 60% off trading fees for an additional 30 days from 25 February.

Reward Delivery

Zero-Fee Trading Rewards will be applied to the Eligible User's Coinstash account upon meeting the necessary deposit and trading volume criteria.

Following the conclusion of the campaign period and the completion of the required snapshot, membership upgrades and trading fee reduction rewards for the Bonus Task will be applied within 3 business days.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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