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[CLOSED] Recurring Buy Christmas Promo

Recurring Buy Christmas Promo

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Coinstash Christmas Gift Box, you must:
Hold a verified Coinstash account
Be over the age of 18
Make two or more recurring buys transactions and maintain the set frequency between 5pm 22 October 2021 and 11:59PM 10 December 2021.
Minimum frequency is weekly
Must transfer via BSB and Account Number with the description "stash" (Not sure how? Follow the guide here)

Mystery Bonus Prize: If you meet all the conditions above and maintain your recurring buy until 11:59PM AEST on 24 December 2021, we will give you a mystery bonus prize!

Examples of eligible recurring buys

Example 1 - Alice sets up a weekly recurring buy to purchase BTC and transfers $100 per week according to the following schedule:
$100 1 November 2021
$100 8 November 2021
$100 15 November 2021
$100 22 November 2021
$100 29 November 2021
$100 6 December 2021

Alice is eligible for the prize (assuming she meets all other conditions). Alice would also be eligible if she started her recurring buy later on 22 November 2021 instead of 1 November 2021.

However, Alice would NOT be eligible if she started her recurring buy on 6 December 2021 because she will only have one (1) buys before 10 December 2021.

Example 2 - Bob sets up a monthly recurring buy to purchase Ripple, and transfers $1,500 per month according to the following schedule:
$1,500 25 October 2021
$1,500 25 November 2021

Bob is eligible for the prize (assuming he meets all other conditions).

Bob would NOT be eligible if he started his started his monthly recurring buy on 11 November 2021 because he only has one (1) recurring buy during the period. However Bob could be eligible if he changes the frequency from monthly to fortnightly e.g. fortnightly recurring buys on November 11, 25 and December 9 2021

Examples of buys that are NOT eligible

Example 3 - Daily or irregular recurring buys

John sets up a regular buy according to the following sporadic schedule:
Daily $20 recurring buys between 1 November 2021 and 8 November 2021
John decides to switch to $50 weekly recurring buys on 19 November and 26 November 2021
John changes his mind again and tries to time the market with a purchase on 7 December 2021

John is NOT eligible for the prize because:
The minimum frequency is weekly (that is, can't more be more frequent than weekly)
John did not maintain his $50 weekly recurring buy for the period. He would've been eligible if he continued his $50 weekly buy until 10 December

Contents of the Coinstash Christmas Gift Box

We like surprises - who doesn't, especially during Christmas?!

Therefore, the contents of the Coinstash Christmas Gift Box is a surprise won't be revealed until you open it!


This promotion is being conducted by TWMT Pty Ltd trading as Coinstash AU (ACN 621 581 584).

The promotion is only open to residents of Australia.

TWMT Pty Ltd complies with privacy legislation. For more information on the privacy principles visit:

For any questions regarding the survey, please email: [email protected]

TWMT Pty Ltd will send you emails periodically. However, if you'd prefer not to receive electronic marketing communications from TWMT Pty Ltd, each email will contain an unsubscribe option. TWMT Pty Ltd will also use your name and your email to personalise its electronic marketing communications.

Coinstash reserves the right to cancel or amend the eligibility criteria and the rules at our sole discretion

Updated on: 14/01/2022

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