Creating an Account

Sign Up Process

Tap on this green box.

Type in your email address.

Decide on a password that is right for you. Your password must be a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 15. Please ensure your password is not one used from another site, or one that is too obvious like your pet’s name or date of birth. Tap on this box and type in your chosen password.

Retype your password from (2).

Tap on this box and look at the options. Tap on the option that applies to you.

This is optional. If you want to keep constantly updated with our marketing material, make sure you tap this box, which will result in a tick appearing in the box.

Once you have read the terms and conditions, be sure to tap this box, which will also result in a tick appearing in the box.

Tap the little box next to the phrase “I’m not a robot”, and you should see a big green tick appear in place of this little box.

Once you have completed (1) through to (8), tap on the green “SIGN UP” button. You will then encounter the following screen:

Now tap this green “NEXT” button to proceed. Keep clicking “NEXT” until you get to this screen:

Tap this green “LETS GO” button to proceed.

Verification Process
Telephone Details

Tap this green “VERIFY ACCOUNT” button.

Read this information, then tap the green “START VERIFICATION PROCESS” button.

Tap this box, and then type your phone number here.

Tap this blue “SEND SMS” button. You will then receive the following text message (see below). It will contain a four-digit code. Copy or note this number down for now.

Type or paste the code from (15) into this green box.

Then tap the green “SUBMIT CONFIRMATION CODE” to complete this Telephone details section. You will now have the following screen in front of you.

Personal Details

This second section relates to confirming your Personal details. Tap on the box under the “First Name” heading. Then type your first name in this box. Do the same thing under the two headings “Middle Name” and “Last Name” and fill in these details correctly.

Your date of birth must be expressed as “DD/MM/YYYY”. For example, if you were born on 1 June 1980, then you would type “01/06/1980”. Tap on this box, and then type in your date of birth similarly to the example.

Tap on this box, and type in your residential address within Australia.

Tap on this green button to complete the Personal details section. You will now be directed to the next page.

Document Details

This third section relates to confirming your important identification documents. You will have to tap on one of the three options when it comes to a submitting valid document. This is in place to confirm your identity. Ensure you have your Licence, Passport or Chinese ID on you to answer the questions provided.

Then all you have to do now is tap this green “SUBMIT PERSONAL DETAILS” button. After this, just tap the green “CLOSE” button to complete your ID verification.

Email Verification

You will encounter this screen here. Please be sure to tap this green “RESEND EMAIL” button. Then go in your emails.

To confirm your email, please be sure to click this link in this email.

You will now have this screen in front of you. Simply tap this green “CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT” button to proceed. You will be directed to the Main Menu.
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