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One popular way to invest in cryptocurrency is called ‘dollar cost averaging‘ (DCA) (or recurring buy).

DCA is an investment technique not just for cryptocurrency, but widely applied for other investment assets as well. It is simple: setting aside a fixed amount (e.g. $100) at a regular interval (e.g. weekly) and automatically buy cryptocurrency at the prevailing market rate. The advantage of this technique is it becomes passive, negates market fluctuations and takes away emotions.

You can set up DCA/recurring purchases on Coinstash by following two simple steps.

Step 1: Turn ON Recurring Buy in your Settings

Visit the "Settings" page, select the coin from the dropdown list, and toggle the button "Recurring buy" to the ON position. For example, if you want to recurring buy BTC, your screen should appear as below:

Select coin, and toggle Recurring buy to ON position

Step 2: From your bank's online or mobile portal, schedule a periodic bank transfer to your Coinstash account

To start your recurring bank transfer:
Login to your Bank's internet/mobile banking portal;
Setup a recurring transfer based on any amount or frequency you prefer, to the bank details listed on your "Deposit AUD" screen,

Bank transfer details

Please ensure the following is correct before you schedule the transfer:
- Account Name: Coinstash
- BSB: please see the 'Bank transfer' section in the deposit section
- Account Number: please see the 'Bank transfer' section in the deposit section
- Amount: (Minimum $20)
- Description/Reference: stash <--- Must use this reference.

We only accept payments from bank accounts under your own name. Normal bank transfers can take up to 2 business days to clear. Please note that cryptocurrencies purchased using funds deposited by bank transfers are subject to a lock up period of 7 days.
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