Sending Bitcoin

To send or receive Bitcoin, select “Send & Receive Coin” from the menu.

Sending Coin is the default setting in the “Send & Receive Coin” function, however, to select it, click the left tab at the top of the page named “SEND”.

To add who or where you would like to send the Bitcoin to, type in a Coinstash user email above the blue “ADD BITCOIN ADDRESS” button.

A. Tap this blue “ADD BITCOIN ADDRESS” button.

B. Then type in a Nickname and Bitcoin Address, then tap the green “SAVE BITCOIN ADDRESS” button.

C. Tap the little box next to “Please check if above information is correct”, and then tap the green “CONFIRM” button.

D. Make sure the Bitcoin Address you added appears in this box. If it does not appear, then tap on the downwards arrow on the far right of this box and tap on the Bitcoin Address you want to send Bitcoins to.

E. Type in the amount of Bitcoin you want to transfer.

F. Tap the green “SEND BITCOIN” button.

G. Tap on the box that states “I’m aware that this operation may be irrecoverable” so that a blue tick appears.

You will then encounter a screen that says “Successfully initiated transfer of [amount of] BTC”. Just tap the blue “OK” button when this appears, and your transaction will be complete.

If you are not successful with this transfer, then you may need to upgrade to Tier 2, which can be located in the Settings section.

As an alternative to Step (3), if you would like to send Bitcoins to someone who is also using Coinstash, you can:

A. Tap on this box and type in a Coinstash user email. Then follow Steps (3) (E), (F) and (G) to complete your transaction.
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